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PTFE Lined Pipe, Fitting, Pipe Spool

PTFE material (Polytetrafluoroethylene) which is also known as teflon is a syntetic polymer type and it is widely used for inside lining of piping products in various sectors.

PTFE lining of pipes, fittings and spools is long term and effective solution for highly corrosive fluid pipelines (for instance sulphuric acid) and provides cost reduction. Because of this advantage PTFE lining application is used in chemical, mining, acid, alcohol, fertilising, pharmaceutical and desalinisation facilities. PTFE lining can be applied to high temperature (-190 to 220°C) and high pressure pipelines which transport/storage highly corrosive fluids.

PTFE material has high corrosion resistance against acid, caustic soda, chlorids, sulphates and other corrosive chemicals.

Purpose of PTFE lining to inside of piping products is to prevent metal pipe from high corrosive environment. This application also prevents high maintenance costs.

Lining is done by extrusion coating of heated teflon cylinder material to inside of pipeline. PTFE thickness can be according to customer demand and teflon material is used as virgin material according to ASTM D4895/4894. Lining application and required tests are done according to ASTM F1545-15A. According to customer demand and technical spec we can apply electrostatic spark test and/or hydrostatic test.

You can get an offer for your PTFE lining demands on pipe-spool and fittings from us!

PTFE lining application is available for stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel piping products.

DETRA supplies PTFE lining on below materials: (Between DN15-DN600)

-PTFE Lined Pipes (Carbon Steel-Alloy Steel-Stainless Steel)

-PTFE Lined Pipe Spools (with Rotary Flange or Fixed Flanged Types)

-PTFE Lined Fittings (Elbow, Reducers, Tee)

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