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There are 3 main parameters on pipe material selection:

  1. Type of fluid (Crude oil, H2S, amine, chlorine etc.)

  2. Operating temperature and pressure (Low-high temperature, low-high pressure)

  3. External environment type (Seawater, underground pipelines etc.)


DETRA Engineering serves you best piping materials selection according to your plant conditions with evaluation of cost effective methods. Our aim to choose most suitable cost-effective piping material and reduce/eliminate corrosion types and weight/wall reduce during economic life.

We evaluate cost effectiveness by considering below points:

  1. Fitness for Service Evaluation

  2. Stock and production availabilty

  3. Cost of products and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  4. Weldability of piping products

  5. Past sample experiences on similar applications


According to conditions ferrous or non-ferrous piping, cladded/lined piping or non-metal piping and also necessary coating method (galvanising, polyethylene etc.) is decided by experienced engineers.

Required Pipe Wall Thickness Calculation:

Suitable wall thickness calculation on pipelines is made according to ASME code for both seamless and various type of welded pipes. Calculation of wall thickness values is evaluated by considering stress values acting on pipeline. 

Right selection of wall thickness value is very important point on designing stage and can extend pipeline economic life.

In final we offer you most suitable piping material selection solution under the guidance of ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, NORSOK and related EN ISO Standards.

You can directly get quotation from us for your piping design enquiries.

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