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Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe Stress analysis is performed to calculate loads on piping system and keep them at allowable values given in reference national and international codes such as ASME B31.1, B31.3. Pipe Stress analysis is important and necessary engineering step for critical lines and helps to increase the life of piping system.

If Pipe Stress Analysis is not performed there can be some possible future failures in the piping system.

Due to there are lots of parameters on pipeline it is better to make it on computer based softwares like Caesar II, Autopipe, Rohr 2 etc.

When it is necessary?

-High value of temperature or pressure fluctuations

-Existence of critical equipments like vessels, heat exchangers, pump and compressors.

-Large outside diameter-thickness ratio (OD/t)

-Changing external environment (Like ground to underground piping)

-Extreme wind and possible seismic conditions.

-Existence of vibrational and acoustic equipments or flow (On condition that to be used with FEA Method)

Which loads are important?

-Primary Loads: Weights of pipes, fittings, valves and other equipments, internal pressure.

-Secondary Loads: Thermal expansion loads like temperature changes.

-Occasional Loads: Wind, seismic loads and acoustic/mechanic vibrations


What are the objectives and results?

-To keep stresses at allowable values according to international codes. (ASME B31.1, B31.3, BS 826, DNV etc.)

-Main important thing is to control or directing the thermal loads and prevent thermal expansion on critical lines.

-Determine support spans and type according to MSS-SP-58. Pipe supports are important on Pipe Stress Analysis to reduce stresses on critical points. Different pipe support types can be used according to conditions. Rest and guide supports, Anchor support, Spring Hanger Support, Sliding Plates.

-Designing expansion joints, expansion loops, Z/L bends on necessary areas.

-Optimum wall thickness design. (Less thickness values may not withstand to operational pressure on the other hand too thick pipes can increase thermal stresses).

-To limit the nozzle loads on connection points.

-To solve dynamic based possible failures by combining with FEA analysis.

-Determine required quantity and types of bolts and nuts.

-Prevent possible leakage on flange points.


We're ready to quote your enquiries:

Based on above objectives, after we analyse your system on computer based software, we recommend you necessary implementation and revisions as per design code.

You can get quotation for Pipe Stress Analysis requirement for renovating your plant, shutdown stage and also for new pipeline settlements.

To get price for your piping design enquiries, please send us an email.

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