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Finned Tubes:

Finned Tubes

Finned tubes are used in heat exchangers to increase heat transfer of fluids between tube outside and inside. Increasing of heat transfer rate occurs by increasing the contact area between pipe and fluid with the usage of fins outside of tube.

In the difference between finned tube and bare tube usage is: by using finned tubes required tube quantity on heat exchanger can be reduced up to 1/6. So finned tubes can reduce the equipment cost and also equipment sizes.

Finned tubes are used to increase heat transfer rate between hot and cold fluids. This heat transfer rate is related with 3 parameters:

1. Temperature difference between 2 fluids

2. Heat coefficient difference between fluids and tube outside. (for example inside hot steam and outside is oil)

3. Contact area of fluid (Finned tubes increase contact area)

We supply finned tubes with various types and these tubes are used in different sectors such as oil&gas, petrochemical, energy and marine.

Order parameters for finned tubes:

-Fin Type (L-LL-KL-G-Extruded Type)- Longitudinal or transverse

-Fin material (aluminium, copper, carbon steel etc.)

-Fin height

-Fin pitch

-Fin thickness and diameter

Finned Tube Types:

“L” Finned Tubes: Working temperature is up to 150 °C. Aluminium or copper alloy can be used as fins. Mechanical strength is less comparing with other types.

“LL” Finned Tubes: Working temperature is up to 180 °C . Aluminium or copper alloy can be used as fins. However its corrosion resistance is better, mechanical strength is poor similar with “L” finned.

“KL” Finned Tubes: Working temperature is up to 260 °C. These types have better mechanical and corrosion resistance. Aluminium or copper alloys can be used as fin material.

“G” Finned Tubes: Working temperature is up to 400 °C. Even its atmospheric corrosion resistance is poor, mechanical strength is good. As fin material aluminium, copper alloys and also carbon steel can be used. Fins are insterted on tubes as embedded and welded into. G type finned tubes are used in high heat cycle heat exchangers.

Extruded Finned Tubes: They have very good corrosion and atmospheric resistance. Extruded finned tubes can work up to 285°C. As fin material generally aluminium alloys are used.

DETRA Engineering supplies above finned tube types which are suitable with various heat exchanger types. Fin material can be both welded or extruded and aluminium alloys, copper alloy or carbon steel finned tubes are available with required fin type, quantity and fin pitch. Regarding to tube material you can supply from us without any material grade limitation.

Please contact with us for your finned tube enquiries:



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